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Soul Realignment Session

Soul Realignment Session


Realign to your Divinity.


This service includes a 60-minute session and a 30- minute Follow-Up session. You will learn how to invite new levels of joy, purpose, and abundance into your life. You will discover blocks and restrictions that hold you back and receive tools to clear this energy. Doing so will allow expansion in every area of your life and empower you to create a life of deep self-awareness and clarity. 


The techniques of Soul Realignment, Akashic Records, and intuitive energy reading bring forth this valuable and life-changing information. 


This session will help you connect with the stream of intelligence and knowledge waiting for you to step into the fullness of who you truly are. Remember that information is great, but true empowerment comes from the transformation we get when we integrate that information into our lives.


This is a life-changing service, rich with detailed and practical information that you can apply immediately to start living correctly as the beautifully unique Creator Being you are. 


This service is provided on Zoom and is priced at $125

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