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Divine Dormancy: Part 1: The Gift of Stagnancy

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Sometimes the best thing to do

From the time that I started going to school, what I have perceived as stagnancy and a lack of momentum or energy has been a huge part of my experience. As I learned about my Projector Human Design, the relief of discovering why I have never had as much sustainable energy as others was life-changing. But even with that beautiful map, there has always been an inherent tone to my life that felt like passivity or inaction (the WHY of this is also beautifully outlined in my design). I have spent so much of my life feeling like nothing was happening, and believe me, I really, REALLY wanted things to be happening. I have always been extremely dream-oriented. I wanted to manifest and will things into existence for myself, on my own time, and in my own way which never worked, of course.

These periods of inactivity when a.) seemingly nothing was happening, no matter what I did and how much effort I put forth OR b.) the periods when I had no energy to do or create anything, drove me CRAZY 🤪. When either of these two situations would happen I would double and triple down, pushing myself or the perceived boundaries even harder which, in effect, was like trying to move a sleeping bull elephant with my pinkie toe 🐘... It wasn’t happening.

This is what would always happen next:

I would get defeated, sometimes depressed, and question the path I was on, the dream I had, and if I could even trust myself to create success in my life. At this low point, I would give up and wait until the next idea came for me to put effort into.

✨I think a lot of people experience this in one way or another until they learn to surrender to the stagnancy, acknowledge the ebb and flow of creative energy, and understand what the hell this dormancy actually is.✨

So what is this stagnancy I am referring to? The period of time in every person’s life or creative process when the momentum isn’t there. There is no driving force., Nothing perceivable is happening. That is what we see when we look at our lives during this time, but there is so much more that is going on underneath the surface, so much more to learn from these times if we have the patience to look.

Stagnancy, or what I now like to call dormancy, is the Universe’s way of catching up and putting together the cooperative components for the dream and goals we have. Dormancy is the Universe’s way of giving us an energetic break before the stopper gets pulled out and we are required to spend a huge amount of time and emotional, physical, and intellectual energy making our vision a reality. Dormancy is the breath before the plunge when we can take a good look at the situation and deeply familiarize ourselves with where we have been, where we are, and where we want to go before we charge forward. Dormancy is a massive gift. Rest is a massive gift. Clarity is a massive gift. And trusting ourselves and Divine Timing is the biggest gift we can give ourselves.

Everything in nature is set to a rhythm of action and rest, action and rest, even the beating of our own hearts. This magnificent pump could not function without the release of pressure before the next contraction. It’s time for us to honor the blessing that “stagnancy” is in our lives and what it is trying to show us.

Believe it or not, because not everyone has the same amount of life force energy, no one's rhythm is going to be the same. I know a lot of people (usually Manifesting-Generators) who seem to have limitless amounts of energy, like little energizer bunnies… until they don't and they burn out. As a projector with a defined root center, my energy comes in waves and when it’s there… man it’s really there. But then when it’s not it’s nowhere to be found and I can't make it appear no matter what I do.

Accepting this fact, learning to FLOW🏄🏽‍♀️with this and not make it wrong or an “inconvenience” has made all the difference in my ability to produce. Man, what a life we can live when we stop trying to force ourselves into being something that we are not!

There are times when we can fall into a bit of a rut, but this doesn't have anything to do with our life force energy. A rut happens over a longer period of time when our intentions, focus, desire, and energy just aren't lining up for some reason or another. Sometimes we need to clear out some emotional, mental, or spiritual blockages. Sometimes what our Minds want isn't in line with what our Soul wants and we have to get them on the same team. And sometimes baby, you are just TIRED, and that is OK! The only answer for that is to let yourself rest and restore without judgment, disappointment, or expectation as to when you will be "back".

Oftentimes, what we think of as a rut is just that Divine Dormancy preparing us for the next big thing. If you think you may be in a rut, however, check out my 3-day self-directed course Rut Rescue to get your mind, body, and spirit moving in the same direction and launch back into momentum.

Let's get into more and talk about where the HECK the pressure to always be producing comes from. Stay Tuned for Part 2, Divine Dormancy: The #Hustlelife Lie.

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