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4 Ways to Keep Your Cup Full

Hi mamas! How are you today? I want to talk about how to keep your cup full.

As a spiritual mama and business owner, I know things can get… precarious when making time for anything extra. After taking care of your little, trying to grow your business, and taking care of your home, it can seem like there is no more time left for you. And if you are breastfeeding?! Lord, forget it! You know things are wild when pumping or cleaning up the house or doing laundry alone at 11 pm seems like “me time,”... OK? We can do better for ourselves.

Here are four ways to keep your cup full so you can pour your best into the people and work you love.


Now don't laugh or scoff here, mama. Don't do that! I have a 3-month-old, and I’m just getting to where I know what it feels like not to be sleep deprived and crazed. But rest when you can. Though, let’s be honest… sometimes, when we have the time to sleep we would rather do something else! And that is totally fine! Do you!

If you have some time and want to catch up for brunch with a girlfriend, watch a movie, get your hair done, scroll on your phone, take a walk… Do you! Whatever recharges you. Rest can look however you want it to as long as it’s restorative. Make sure you are doing something that gives you energy rather than drains it. Grocery shopping for the fam doesn’t count unless you just looooove grocery shopping.

Be aware of what you are consuming.

I’m talking about all things here, lady. Not just food and drink. What are you reading, watching on tv, or scrolling past on social? Be intentional about limiting things that drain you emotionally or mentally. Now, no one can tell you what drains you verse what powers you up. It’s really easy to determine if you pay attention. After you consume something, take note of how you feel. Are you light, rejuvenated, and clear? Or are you angry, sad, or weighed down? Here’s a little activity:

Take note of how things make you feel for an entire day. If you are scrolling Instagram and starting to get agitated, notice that… and get off! If you are thinking about your mother and getting irritable, pivot and think about something else. Be diligent about consuming things that uplift you because you so deserve this kind of care and consideration.

After an entire day, I promise you can’t help but feel empowered to take how you feel into your own hands.

Ask for help.

This is a big one for us working from-home mamas. I was just talking about this with a friend who is an amazing spiritualized business owner. Because of a ton of societal pressures and outdated collective mindsets, we sometimes experience mom guilt over simply asking for help. Sometimes even asking for help from our kid’s other parent can induce a sense in us of NOT being or doing enough. It’s wild and untrue. We are literally doing two full-time jobs at the same time… Let’s give ourselves some grace here!

Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. Whether that be asking your partner to give you an hour or two to yourself after they get home, recruiting a family member to step in and help with your kiddos once in a while, or hiring someone to come in and help with the cooking, cleaning, and or child care freeing up time for you to spend it in whatever way you want to. This fills up your cup so you can pour yourself into whatever you choose.

Surround yourself with love and support. This is the biggest one as far as I am concerned. Once I became a mama to my son, I realized how important, possibly more important than ever before, it is to keep positive people, supportive people, kind, considerate, and compassionate people around me. I’m talking about not only my inner circle but several rows out.

With everything we have going on, we don't need to compensate for the energy of those around us who cannot or will not hold space for us and what we are trying to create as spiritual mamas.

This can be super tough and I created a whole training around how to create better relationships which I will link here. Now, I’m not saying that we have to go around cutting off people, although sometimes that is completely necessary, but if the relationships around you are not contributing to your peace and feelings of being supported, then it’s time to either take steps to heal those relationships or move them to the outer rings of your social circle.

We get to choose what our relationships look like and who we allow in the intimate spaces of our lives. No one is entitled to a close relationship with us or our family. Relationships are sacred gifts and should be treated as such.

That being said, make time for the people in your life who light your heart up, the people who you feel uplifted and inspired after talking with, and they feel the same from you. There is very little more satisfying than connecting with another in a heart-centered relationship where each person is giving and receiving love.

OK! So these are 4 Ways to Keep Your Cup Full but is in no way a comprehensive list! Leave a comment letting me know what things you do to keep your cup full. If you enjoyed this go ahead and share this with a mama who may need a self-care reminder.

Have a beautiful day, boo! Bye!

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